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By Dr Shazia Faisal MBBS,MSc Clinical Nutrition, MRSPH

My name is Dr Shazia Faisal and, I am a medical practitioner and a registered nutritionist. I believe in preventive medicine as prevention is better than cure. Nutrition is an important pillar along with other component for a healthy life. Nutritional education as an appendage to conventional medicine has the power to close the gap in current medical treatments; that is why I equipped my-self with a Masters Program in Clinical Nutrition from Roehampton University London. My aim is to spread evidence-based awareness and knowledge about a healthy lifestyle. I want to motivate and inspire people by giving them ideas about a balanced diet ,stress management and physical activity as healthy eating is not about weight loss but it is the life style.

Nutrition is not one size fits all, I believe personalized nutrition approach is best for long term behavioural changes. If you are struggling with or need advice with any of the following problems or condition, I am here to help you

  • Gut health
  • Weight Management
  • Pre Diabetes and Diabetes
  • children Nutrition
  • Hormonal imbalance

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